4 Health Benefits Of Drinking Matcha Tea

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As part of Japanese custom, this organic matcha tea is the best quality powdered green tea accessible.Benefits of Organic Green Tea Matcha

For over a thousand years, this natural remedy has been consumed in the East Asia, and is currently thought to be a standout amongst the highest quality nourishments available.

One cup of matcha is 10 times more nutritionally superior than one cup of normally brewed green tea.

Matcha tea is the perfect way to boost health benefits in your daily diet. 

What Are The Benefits?

Energy Booster

1g of this super green tea contains about 34g of caffeine, or 1/3 of a cup of coffee. However, it also contains an abundant amount of amino acids. One in particular, L-theanine, helps lead the consumer to a state of calm attentiveness. Therefore, they aren’t bombarded with the  jitters or crashes like after drinking coffee.

The reason this happens is because coffee hits the body with a ton of caffeine immediately in an extraordinary quantity. Its natural counterpart, on the other hand, provides the person who drinks it with the same instantaneous boost, but instead, it lasts over time. The typical time period can vary from 3 to about 6 or even 7 hours.

Japanese monks and ancient warrior samurais would consume matcha on a regular basis because of the relaxed, yet focused state that would overcome them. These ancient people are revered for being some of the most disciplined and mentally trained in all of history. Their knowledge and lifestyle is something we should take note of in the modern time of processed and unnatural foods.

Calorie Burner 

Organic matcha is very concentrated in nutrients and antioxidents since you are consuming the pure leaf. Therefore, matcha is a great source of boosting your metabolism and burning those calories. In fact, the organic tea leaf can increase one’s metabolic rate by a maximum of 40%.

Looking deeper into it, EGCG, or epigallocatechin gallate, is one of the pushing factors of the significant burning of calories. This catechin specifically ceases the production of fat cells and speeds up metabolism.

Another effect of EGCG is its ability to help you control ymatcha green tea health benefitsour hunger, which in turn, helps you deflect those empty calories and extra midday cravings. The actual science behind what seems to be “magic” is the fact that EGCG can lower your glucose levels. Glucose is one of the mitigating factors that causes you to feel hungry.

Combine this powerful aspect of the organic green tea variant with daily exercise and a healthy diet to further increase the possible benefits. Studies show that drinking matcha green tea right before working out increased fat burning by a whopping 25% during the work out.

Cancer Fighter

If you though EGCG was a magical calorie-burning catichen, you’re in for a surprise. EGCG also has the ability to fight off cancer. Daily consumption can rejuvenate and retain your body’s overall health and well-being. How? The catichens found in matcha, in addition to EGCG, all help to shield and prevent damage to DNA. In addition, it also helps the slow down or even cease the creation of tumors.

The specialized green tea variant has 400% more catechins than regular steeped green tea. That means the health benefits pack a harder punch than normal green tea, considering it’s the more concentrated, pure version of the leaf. Since EGCG makes up around 60% of catechins, what are the other 40%? What do they do? The remaining 40% are potent antioxidants prevent the effects of radiation, chemicals, UV rays, the production of cancer cells, and other factors that contribute to cell damage.

For those who already have cancer and are going through the chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy, matcha also contributes to the recovery process and stimulating healthy cells. The therapeutic calm state that comes over you is a helpful bonus, as well.

Matcha Green Tea DetoxDetoxify-er

When you brew normal green tea, you only benefit from some of the nutrients. With matcha tea, you reap the benefits of the purest form and actual leaf. You’re able to take advantage of it’s minerals, antioxidants, vitamins, and all of the essentials to detox yourself.

Scientists suspect that free radicals have the ability harm your body and speed up the aging process. In addition, they can also contribute heavily to dangerous health problems such as heart disease.

The “super” green tea has an abundant source of chlorophyll because it is grown in a shading process. With more chlorophyll, it can neutralize toxic cancer-causing substances such as the dangerous free radicals and mutagens, which are capable of mutating and altering genes.

Magnesium is also an abundant mineral found in the organic matcha tea. Many people are lacking in this mineral considering all of the processed foods that are easily available to us consumers nowadays. It is responsible for producing energy in cells, which is essential to the detoxification process.

The Bottom Line

Matcha contains EGCG, the power house catechin that is only found exclusively in green tea. It is a huge benefactor to your body as it serves as both a calorie burner and an effective cancer fighter.

Then, we have L-theanine, one of the main amino acids that provides the famous effect of “calmed focus” in matcha ever since the time of the ancient Japanese monks. The mighty amino acid also brings the energy booster aspect to the table that competes with coffee. Matcha is known as the coffee alternative because it gives you the energy that you need, without the “wired” or “jumpy” feeling that coffee has. In addition, the caffeine boost lasts for a long period of time, as opposed to the coffee which hits the consumer all at once.

Finally, matcha is equipped with an abundant amount of chlorophyll, which is essential to fighting the cancer-causing substances such as free radicals. In chlorophyll, we can find magnesium, which stimulates the energy production in cells.

Add Specialized Japanese Matcha Green Tea to your daily routine!

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This green tea offers one of the highest quality and tastes on the market. Consumers absolutely love everything about it – from the aroma when you open the bag to the pleasant sweet taste. If you want to start your healthier lifestyle, give it a shot. I think you’ll be satisfied with the results.

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